osteopathy in Hamburg

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As a non-medical practitioner of osteopathy, I am happy to help you holistically and sustainably with the consultation, diagnosis and therapy of your health problems.

My practice room is located in the immediate vicinity of the Alster in the joint practice Hamburg Uhlenhorst, where we try to stimulate your body’s self-healing powers in a calming atmosphere with a lot of time and care.


Examples of application for osteopathic treatment

chronic pain of the musculoskeletal System

functional impairment of the intestinal tract

head and back pain

posture related pain

stress and stress induced health impairments


treatment services

Osteopathy is by definition a holistic treament of the entire body. However, several different disciplines- researched and taught for over a century- can be defined as followed:

parietal osteopathy:

finding and adjusting blocked joints

visceral osteopathy:

Treatment of intestinal and pelvic organs

craniosacral osteopathy:

Treatment of the skull sutures and membranes

fascial osteopathy:

treatment and relaxation of fascial movement restriction and their effect on the body

Therapy procedure

It's that simple!



Taking your medical history from a holistic point of view.


Physical examination

Precise examination of all body systems and creation of a possible osteopathic connection. Agreement of the objective and planned therapy units.



Mobilization and manipulation of the physical dysfunctions found. If necessary, exercises and advice for everyday life.


Evaluation of the results

After the treatments have been carried out, the success of the treatment is evaluated and the further procedure is planned together.


What my customers say

Giulia Grädtke

“Seit mehreren Jahren nehme ich Behandlungen von Chris in Anspruch. Ich bin rundum zufrieden und kann ihn nur jedem empfehlen. Er nimmt sich ausreichend Zeit, erklärt seine Behandlungen/Methoden, welche sehr hilfreich sind.”

Jennifer Burkhardt

“Ich bin bereits seit Jahren in Behandlung bei ihm wegen unterschiedlicher Operationen […] und er schafft es immer wieder mich schmerzfrei zu bekommen und mir zu zeigen, wie ich diesen Zustand beibehalten kann durch zum Beispiel Übungen. Was ich an ihm zu schätze ist, dass er […] das Problem ganzheitlich betrachtet und dann entsprechend behandelt.”

Tom Josczok


“Ich hatte akute Schmerzen und habe kurzfristig einen Termin bei Herrn Neuwahl bekommen können. Es ging mir schnell besser. Dabei hat mich vor allem seine ruhige und professionelle Art begeistert. Vielen Dank!”

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find brief answers to the most frequently asked questions about the therapy. And also the links to further information.
As a non-medical practitioner I am allowed to treat you osteo­pathically within the framework of the initial contact even without a doctor’s prescription

Many private health insurance companies cover osteopathy in full if they have included alternative practitioner services as a patient.

Are you in a statutory health insurance fund? Then you have the possibility to get partial or full reimbursement of the costs of osteopathic treatment if your doctor has issued you a prescription for osteopathy in advance.

You can find more information about the costs and reimbursement of the treatment under Duration & Costs.

Of course, this depends on your individual symptoms. The first treatment includes not only the examination but also the goal setting and together we will create a treatment plan. You can find more information about the first treatment under Duration & Costs.

Please wear comfortable clothing for the treatment. Note that for a professional examination it is best to wear tight-fitting, short sportswear or alternatively underwear.
Absolutely! Often, subthreshold “hidden” dysfunctions in the body can be found and treated during the examination before a real problem can manifest.

Contact & Appointment

For appointments, please contact me by e-mail or telephone. Appointments in the practice are possible Mon – Wed from 7 am – 8 pm.

If you are dependent on a home visit due to limited mobility, this is also possible in my function as a non-medical practitioner for osteopathy. Please feel free to call me for this.

Please understand that I am not available during the treatment of my patients. However, I will call you back as soon as possible.